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What Is The Average Cost Of Trimming A Tree?

    What Is The Average Cost Of Trimming A Tree?

    The typical cost of professional tree pruning for homeowners is $475, ranging from $315 to $700. For a substantial tree pruning project exceeding 60 feet in height, homeowners may incur expenses as low as $85 or as much as $1,267. 

    In addition to the location and number of trees that require pruning, the overall cost will be influenced by various other factors. Additional charges will apply if tree or stump removal is required.

    What Is The Average Cost Of Trimming A Tree?

    An average of $475 is required to prune a tree. In contrast, trimming smaller, bush-like trees can be accomplished for as little as $85 per tree, compared to a maximum of $1,267 for large trees.

    Please remember that the figures provided are merely national averages, and your final expenditure will differ significantly due to various factors. 

    Tree Trimming Cost By Size Of Tree

    As it determines the number of workers, whether trained climbers are necessary, and whether specialized machinery such as cranes are required, the size of the tree is a significant determinant in estimating the cost of tree trimming.

    Trim Trees: Under 20 Feet

    Tree trimming commences at $85 and can reach $345, or an average of $215 per tiny tree when the height is 20 feet or less.

    Positioned on the ground, small trees can frequently be pruned using a pole trimmer. Do-it-yourselves may also prune small trees. The dawn redwood, harlequin glory blower, and Japanese maple are all examples of small trees.

    Medium Trees: 20 To 30 Feet

    It costs between $145 and $485 to prune a medium-sized tree that is 20 to 30 feet in height. A medium-sized tree requires an average of $315 to prune.

    In most cases, a horticulturist must ascend the tree, frequently with an extension ladder, to trim the lower branches of medium-sized trees with a pole trimmer. Paper myrtles, dogwoods, crabapples, and crepe myrtles are medium-sized trees. 

    Large Trees: 30 To 50 Feet

    Trees fifty feet or more in height require between $150 and $805 to trim. The expenses associated with cutting sizable trees are pretty high. A substantial tree typically requires $480 to prune.

    Utilizing harnesses is necessary for trimming large trees. Lifting upper branches might necessitate the use of a hoist. Spruce, pine, maple, and oak are large trees.

    Extra-Large Trees: 50 Feet Or More

    It costs between $375 and $1,820 to trim extra-large trees that are 50 feet or taller, with an average cost of $1,100.

    Strict methods and machinery, including harnessed climbers, traffic diversions, and cranes, are typically required to prune giant trees. Palms, oaks, cottonwoods, and most weeping trees (e.g., weeping willows) are exceptionally enormous trees.

    Other Factors That Affect Cost Of Trimming A Tree

    The following additional variables impact the price of tree pruning, in addition to the tree’s maximum height: 

    Location: Does the area of your tree approach your residence or a power line? To prevent fallen tree branches from causing damage to power lines or other adjacent structures, a tree trimmer must exercise additional caution.

    A more meticulous approach to tree pruning will likely result in a more significant expenditure of labor, equipment, and effort. 

    You should contact a utility company if the tree that requires pruning is near a power line. Numerous utility companies offer complimentary tree trimming services in proximity to a power line. 

    Accessibility: Your tree will cost more to have manicured if it is situated in an inaccessible location. 

    When reaching the highest point of a tree, most professional tree trimmers utilize a bucket truck. They will be forced to ascend the tree via an alternative method, such as climbing, if the area encircling the car is insufficient. The increased expense will result from the additional labor and risk. 

    Number of Trees: The fee charged by the majority of professionals is per tree that is pruned. A greater quantity of trees requiring trimming will result in an increased cost. 

    Tree Health: Stability is frequently significantly influenced by the tree’s condition. Electrical strikes, weather damage, and diseases can adversely affect tree health. 

    Tree trimming that exposes a climber to health, decay, or damage increases the tree’s danger. As the tree’s stability decreases, more safety precautions will be required to safeguard your tree trimmer.

    Tree Trimming Cost By Type Of Tree

    The intricacy of estimating the cost of tree trimming for a specific tree arises from thousands of tree species and variations. However, we have compiled a breakdown of the average cost range for cutting some of the most common tree species:

    Crepe Myrtle

    Pruning crepe myrtle trees runs from $85 to $475 on average. Particularly cost-effective in upkeep, this tree variety attains a height of 15 to 25 feet.


    Expect to spend between $475 and $1,150 to prune a cypress tree. One of the list’s tallest tree species, cypress trees can attain heights of more than eighty feet. These trees do not command the highest price because, despite their size, they have a slender form and skinny branches.


    The considerable expense ranging from $450 to $1,400 associated with pruning oak trees, which can attain a height of 100 feet, is unsurprising. Oak trees are among the most expensive to prune due to the substantial draping branches that comprise them.


    Additionally, pine tree trimming can be quite costly, costing anywhere from $300 to $1,700. While some pine tree varieties reach heights of 50 to 80 feet and are considerably less expensive, the price range is considerable. A wholly grown pine tree can reach heights of over 200 feet.


    Palm tree pruning costs between $450 and $1,100 on average. Around 30 to 50 feet is the typical height of palm trees. Although possessing a moderate size, these trees are marginally more economical to prune than those of equivalent stature.

    Tree Trimming Cost By Tree Size Or Service

    Combining supplementary tree-trimming services that a company may provide when you engage them could ultimately result in cost savings. Price variations for various benefits, such as crown reduction or removing a single precarious branch, can be substantial. The services provided below are examples of typical tree care jobs.

    Pruning Trees

    Based on the scope of the undertaking, the average cost to prune a tree varies between $175 and $1,800. Pruning, as opposed to tree trimming, involves the removal of foliage, branches, and roots that are diseased, deceased, hazardous, or obstructive.

    Pruning of Roots

    An average of $300 to $750 is required for root pruning. You may need the assistance of a root pruning service to successfully relocate a tree from one area of your yard to another.

    Tree Topping

    Between $325 and $1,100 is the cost to crown a tree. Tree topping services diminish the height of the tree’s crown. This method of tree maintenance is less favored due to the potential for stress to be placed on trees. For optimal tree health maintenance, it is advisable to seek guidance from an expert consistently.

    Tree Branch Removal

    An average of $50 to $175 may be required to remove a single branch. You will incur the lowest trimming fee if your trees have already been trimmed, and you only need to remove a single unit that you potentially damaged in a storm.

    Crown Reduction

    It can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,900 to reduce the crown of a tree. Very tall trees, whose peaks are more difficult to access, will, as anticipated, command a higher price than their shorter counterparts.

    Shrub And Bush Trimming

    $50 to $850 per plant is the average cost to prune a shrub or shrubbery. The cost of trimming will be most excellent for larger shrubs and least for pruning trim shrubbery.

    Hedge Trimming

    Slightly more is required to trim a hedge than a shrub. Price estimates for hedge-trimming services range from $150 to $1,100. Increasing the length of a hedge row from 2 feet to 50 feet incurs higher costs.

    Tree Removal

    With the tree’s complexity, diameter, and circumference, the average cost to remove one can range from $1,200 to $2,000 or more.

    Degree Of Difficulty Cost Of Trimming A Tree

    You can ascertain the entire expense associated with tree pruning by considering the degree of difficulty. The tree’s health, including the presence of dead or dying branches, the type of tree, the existence of power lines, structures, or roadways, the accessibility of the area, and the necessity for permits, all contribute to the nature of the challenge.

    Low Difficulty

    It can cost between $75 and $300 to prune trees of low difficulty. Trees classified as low difficulty typically have a height of 20 feet or less, a fully accessible canopy, and well-maintained branches. Trimming a tree of moderate difficulty costs an average of $190.

    Moderate Difficulty

    It can cost between $200 and $600 to prune trees of moderate difficulty. Typically between 20 and 30 feet in height, trees of moderate difficulty have diseased or deteriorating branches, necessitate climbing, and are situated near a structure like a home or building. Trees of moderate difficulty typically require $400 to prune.

    High Difficulty

    It can cost between $600 and $1,800 to prune trees of high difficulty. Trees classified as great difficulty typically exceed 30 feet in height, have a substantial number of diseased or deceased branches, may near heavy power lines or other hazardous obstructions, necessitate the use of a climber equipped with climbing equipment, a crane equipped with a bucket, and divert traffic. Trimming a tree of significant difficulty costs an average of $1,200.

    Cost By Number Of Trees

    The additional cost of the tree trimming endeavor is proportional to the number of trees that have been removed. Tree maintenance companies incorporate the quantity of trees into their cost estimation processes. 

    However, the cost of tree pruning may sometimes increase proportionally with the number of additional trees. Possible reduction in cost per tree pruned. Further trees may be more cost-effective than the initial tree due to the company’s existing workforce and equipment, including wood chippers, on the property.

    Cost Of Labor For Tree Trimming

    When it comes to the expertise of the personnel, homeowners and property owners frequently hire tree maintenance companies. The labor cost is incorporated into the estimate provided by a tree pruning company. For tree pruning, an individual must be prepared to pay between $35 and $70 per hour. Tree pruning incurs an average hourly labor expense of $55.

    Cost Of Tree Topping

    Tree crowning services incur an average expenditure ranging from $325 to $1,070. A tree canopy is typically priced at $700.

    To prune a tree to a height approaching its trunk, tree topping entails making inclines between branches. Often a rapid fix for problematic trees or those that exhibit the sail effect, topping is less expensive than complete removal. A tree can be killed by improper crowning. Pollarding or crown reduction of the tree is frequently a more viable alternative.

    In particular, employing a professional tree trimmer is always advisable for larger branches. Trimming a tree can be a hazardous endeavor without proper training despite its apparent simplicity. Contact a nearby tree care professional who can remove the loppers from your hands to protect yourself. 

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