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Tips to Address Your Biggest Fear In Recovery FHE Health FHE Health

    Each person has sufficient bravery in their DNA to handle such a challenge. But many people use the excuse that they are cowards just so they can keep on using the substances. If you truly want to live a clean and sober life, you are already ahead of the game. Intention and commitment fear of being sober are crucial to having a successful recovery. When you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, the notion of getting clean and then staying sober over the long haul can be frightening. One reason for this is the understandable and very common fear of what being sober feels like.

    Then, the first few weeks of sobriety are when relapse risk is highest. Detox can occur in a hospital setting or as the first part of inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation. Worried that they may be abandoned by the people they love or judged by others, some people refuse to admit that they have a drug problem or reach out to others for support. Yet without taking these steps, there can be no recovery. Besides, judging someone for not drinking alcohol is stupid, and you don’t need to be cool with that person anyway.

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    You may also have difficulty making plans or learning new things. Therefore, it is no surprise that you would fear what you cannot imagine. Another common fear in recovery you will face is the fear of relapse. While relapse is seen as a normal part of sobriety, it can be a major blow to your health and confidence. Many people who are in recovery have relapsed.

    When you no longer spend your time getting high or drunk, your life will become the exact opposite of boring. Think about how you always go out with the same people and drink or take drugs at the same place (or one of a few local hot spots). There is more time for new sober activities when you get clean. These activities go a long way toward making your life better and happier.

    What are the Stats On Rehab and Recovery?

    I won’t lie – I feel real trepidation about them. I’d like to do them without drinking, but I know my propensity to cave from a combination of being seduced by the sun and undermined by my fear that I will be less “fun” if I don’t. My best hope is to approach them with the curiosity of the first time, under my own watchful eye. That Norwegian festival wasn’t a line in the sand.

    Fears about sobriety are common, even for people who desperately seek it. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of Sober Recovery’s “Terms of Use”, “Privacy Policy”, “Cookie Policy”, and “Health Disclaimer”. The material on this site is for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by a qualified health care provider. And so we’d go on tour, and we’d both be at the mic, and I would answer one of these questions the way I do with tangents all over the place. And I’d see the blood drain from his face, like, how is she going to pull this off and bring us back to where she started? And that’s how it’s felt for me to be here on this side of eternity.

    Getting better can bring on anxiety.

    I didn’t go to any of the after-hours club programming. I had a Bounty bar as a reward every night, conscious that the quantity of pints I would usually drink in one night would add up to the equivalent of eating about seven Bounty bars. A friend and I danced in a near-empty bar and her natural exuberance overrode my self-consciousness and left me feeling high. I remembered all the music I saw and remembered that sober fun, at its best, can feel like having your Bounty bar and eating it. Each morning I ran around the city’s stupidly beautiful harbour and felt a combination of surprise, relief and something like pride that I had stuck to my guns.

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