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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Driveway?

    How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Driveway?

    Considering that a new concrete driveway can cost up to $7,400, deciding whether to repair or replace your driveway can be challenging. Despite the substantial financial outlay, there is something to be said for having an aesthetically pleasing, smooth driveway devoid of residue, stains, cracks, and holes. Still, it is possible that you can begin after the beginning. Learn how to paint an old driveway to make it appear as elegant as a brand-new one instead of completely redesigning it.

    How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Driveway?

    Before repaving a driveway, the old paving materials must be demolished and removed, and you must level the ground. Additionally, this permits modifications such as driveway enlargement, paving material substitution, and the addition of features like heating or an alarm. 

    What Is Needed: 

    The tools:

    • The Broom
    • Hydraulic pressure cleaner
    • The Bucket
    • Hose
    • Paint roller
    • The paintbrush
    • Protective gloves


    • Grease and oil removal agent
    • Steamy water
    • Coating or epoxy paint for concrete
    • Caulking material

    Preparing The Driveway For Painting

    It is necessary to locate a parking spot for your vehicle for a minimum of the upcoming days. If street parking is not an option in your area of residence, request a temporary place from family or acquaintances. Throughout the endeavor, parking in your driveway will be strictly prohibited.

    Steps To Painting Your Driveway

    It is advisable to commence this undertaking in late spring or summer when there are ample mild and sunny days. The soft sunlight will accelerate the drying process and boost the overall progress of the undertaking.

    Clean Your Driveway Thoroughly

    Using a broom, remove rocks, pebbles, leaves, dirt, and any other residue from your driveway. This undertaking phase requires diligence; it is the initial step in guaranteeing that the driveway paint job appears seamless and orderly.

    Pressure Wash

    To remove the filth thoroughly, use a pressure washer to eliminate tough driveway stains, including bacteria, weeds, and chalk marks. Cleaning your driveway is simply equivalent to painting it, so be diligent. Dry the surface before proceeding.

    Consider both the advantages and disadvantages of renting versus purchasing a pressure washer. Renting or borrowing one may be the most practical action, given that you only scrub your driveway.

    Use A Degreasing Agent (Optional)

    Combine 1/4 cup trisodium phosphate cleaning agent (or an alternative suitable for driveways) for every gallon of water. The price range for these items at outdoor retailers is ten to twenty dollars. 

    Apply the degreaser to the stains on your driveway using a brush, then scrub the afflicted area. It may be necessary to review it on multiple occasions. To avoid contact with the agent on your epidermis, don latex gloves.

    The efficacy of degreasing agents in the removal of aerosol paint is minimal. Your best chances are a soap and water solution or a spray paint remover. 

    Fill In Any Holes Or Cracks

    You have most likely identified any significant fissures and holes in your driveway. It is now an ideal opportunity to fill them! Home improvement stores carry caulking agent tubes for outdoor driveways for approximately $10.

    Since each caulk product is unique, peruse the instructions before beginning. Specific quick-drying formulations can congeal in as little as thirty minutes, whereas others may require an entire day. Regardless of the material, the caulk must be thoroughly dried before painting can commence.

    Mix Your Driveway Paint Or Epoxy

    Most driveway paints available at home improvement stores are latex acrylic products known as epoxy paints, not actual paints. Epoxy is particularly effective on floored surfaces due to its high strength. Generally, a gallon of epoxy costs around $35; however, for various colors or higher durability ratings, it can cost up to $100.

    It is imperative to read labels and instructions thoroughly once more. Certain epoxies are pre-blended, whereas others require mixing with water. Notate arid periods and any other pertinent information.

    Paint The Edges First, Then Work Your Way In

    Utilize a smaller, handheld brush to clean the perimeter of your driveway. Apply epoxy paint to each edge initially. Apply color to a 6-inch “barrier,” so to speak, before advancing toward the center. After painting the perimeter of the driveway, apply paint to the remaining sections using the large roller.

    If vegetation is present near the driveway edge, it may be prudent to construct a tape barrier or cover the plants with plastic before beginning the painting process. Large quantities of any paint that seep into the soil can be fatal to vegetation. 

    Add A Second Coat, If Needed

    The majority of driveway epoxy coatings require 24 to 48 hours to cure. Once everything has dried, evaluate your driveway. Is it elegant and as good as new, or does it need an additional coat?

    Proceed to iterate step six if necessary. Transforming an aging driveway into a brand-new appearance is undeniably time-consuming, but that time is primarily spent waiting for components to cure. Have faith and rejoice in knowing that your driveway is on the verge of regaining its pristine appearance!

    Average Driveway Repaving Cost

    Repainting a 400-square-foot (20-by-20-foot) driveway typically costs an average of between $2,800 and $9,600. Deconstructing and removing the old driveway will cost between $400 and $1,600 while pouring new asphalt or concrete will cost between $2,400 and $8,000. Nevertheless, further variation in costs may result from the subsequent factors:

    Material type: Certain materials, including imprinted concrete, are more costly or challenging to install than others.

    Square footage: Repainting will cost more for a driveway of greater size.

    Cost Factors Of Driveway Painting

    Numerous variables affect the overall expense of concrete painting initiatives. Some of these include the following:


    Before your driveway is ready to be painted, varying degrees of preparatory work may be necessary, depending on its current condition.

    • Pressure clean: A minimum of a high-pressure clean will be required to eliminate grime and oils to prepare the surface for a stronger adhesive. 
    • Removing flaking paint: The removal process becomes marginally more intricate when flaking paint or a clear coat is on the skin. You must eliminate any loose paint before the subsequent layer can adhere effectively.
    • Primer: Depending on the age and composition of the cement, it may be necessary to apply a primer before using the top application.

    Costs associated with painting a driveway are contingent on dimensions, surface conditions, and materials. Obtaining estimates from qualified contractors and accounting for preliminary work and paint quality guarantees a more precise estimation. Adding value to your property, driveway painting improves its overall appearance, durability, and curb appeal despite costs varying.

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