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How Much Does It Cost To Extend A Porch?

    How Much Does It Cost To Extend A Porch?

    It is pleasant to unwind while taking in the day’s or night’s beauty on your front veranda. $14,400 is the national average cost to construct a 200-square-foot patio. The typical cost of a residence ranges from $4,800 to $24,000. A modest porch undertaking may incur expenses as low as $1,440, whereas a lavish veranda featuring abundant features could cost up to $60,000.

    Suppose you’ve always desired to extend your living space or increase your home’s curb allure with a porch addition. In that case, this cost guide will assist you in budgeting by highlighting essential cost considerations.

    Different Types Of Porches

    Porch definition: A covered area physically connected to a structure’s exterior. Generally, exterior access necessitates stairs or a path due to its elevated nature. Elevation, covering, and attachment are the three characteristics that differentiate a veranda from a deck or patio.

    An enumeration of the diverse varieties of porches follows. There is considerable overlap because some terms pertain to architectural features while others concern style. For instance, a wraparound veranda could be screened in.

    1. Open Porch

    The term “open porch” can refer to any style of porch devoid of screens, walls, or windows. To clarify, it is perforated along its sides. Most individuals consider it when they hear the word “porch.”

    2. Front Porch/back Porch

    These porches, so-called because of their location, are typically circular, square, or rectangular protrusions from a section of a home. Due to their increased visibility, front porches are generally embellished more elaborately, which can increase their cost; rear porches, although frequently more significant, are typically less formal.

    3. Wraparound Porch

    Distinguished features of Victorian mansion wraparounds offer adequate space by extending partially or wholly around a dwelling. As a result of their substantial dimension, these porches are typically more expensive than others. The estimated price range is $39,900 to $9,350, as reported by HomeAdvisor.

    4. Veranda

    A veranda or verandah is an extension of the encircling porch: It is a column-supported, roofed platform that runs along one side of a home (though it can also be found on two to four sides, rendering it identical to a wraparound). Verandas, commonly found in mild climates and the southern United States, has a traditional design with open sides and no elevated handrails. Installing one can cost between $20,000 and $60,000, according to, with an average cost of $40,000.

    5. Farmer’s Porch

    Often extending to the sides, these lengthy, profound porches span the entire front of the dwelling and symbolize rural New England. Although typically wider than conventional wraparounds, their defining characteristics include elevated supporting beams or columns and picturesque handrails. Rocking seats are not required. Amounts ranging from $8,000 to $52,000 are anticipated, per HomeAdvisor.

    6. Portico

    Homes may feature an entrance and a small roof supported by columns above the front door. It generates a small, occasionally comfortable area large enough to accommodate two chairs. Angi estimates that average homeowners can anticipate spending between $900 and $2,000 for a front stoop.

    7. Screened-In Porch

    Although porches can be enclosed in various ways, side screens are the most prevalent. Thus, areas are partially shielded from insects, rodents, and precipitation. The average cost to screen an existing veranda is $2,400, or approximately $3 to $5 per square foot for materials and $2 per square foot for labor.

    8. Lanai

    Lanais, distinctive of Hawaii, resemble enclosed terraces with screens, explains Mallory Micetich, a home expert at Angi. In contrast, screened-in porches are typically enclosed spaces affixed to a residence’s exterior. In comparison, lanais extend from existing rooms and may be situated at ground level, resembling an enclosed patio. By custom, a porch is located in the rear portion of a residence.

    How Much Does It Cost To Extend A Porch?

    There are numerous sizes and configurations of porches. The minimum recommended depth for platforms is six feet. You can accommodate more furniture on a veranda with a more significant depth. Porch construction typically incurs expenses ranging from $24 to $120 per square foot, on average, for a median of $72 per square foot. 

    The functionality, style, and financial constraints of a porch are all elements that influence its dimensions. 

    For a veranda to function as a dining area, it must be sufficiently spacious to accommodate a table while allowing for adequate walking space around it. A smaller or narrower size might be sufficient if it is to be used for reclining. Similarly, when hosting guests, you should select a measurement suitable for the quantity and variety of furniture you need. 

    The average cost of a 60-square-foot tiny veranda is $4,320. The size of farmer’s porches and wraparound porches is considerable. They may reach a price of $60,000.

    Other Factors That Affect Cost

    Building a porch, like most other home improvement endeavors, is contingent on various factors besides its dimensions.

    1. Porch Materials

    The construction materials of a veranda significantly affect its price. Porch dimensions and the variety of materials utilized affect the cost. The material of most porches is wood, composite, or concrete. Per square foot, wood materials cost between $1.00 and $5.00. 

    Certain materials are exclusive to distinct porch components. Cable, vinyl, wrought iron, and aluminum are a few of the materials that are utilized to construct railings. Vinyl has the lowest cost. Cast iron and cable are the most expensive materials. Aluminum, brick, and stone are all viable options for porch flooring. You can use more furniture to construct both roofs and handrails. 

    2. Porch Foundation

    A foundation supports every veranda. Two fundamental varieties of porch foundations exist depending on the specific design of the porch being constructed. 

    Pier-style foundations necessitate stairs to elevate the veranda above the ground. The price range for pier-style foundations is $5 to $8 per square foot. Poured concrete, alternatively referred to as a slab foundation, carries a cost tag between $3 and $5 per square foot. A slab foundation at ground level supports the veranda. While most porches are built upon piers, sure slabs back patios like lanais.

    3. Labor

    The porch’s scale and intricacy impact labor expenses—contractors bill on an hourly or square footage basis. An hourly wage of $20 to $40 is typical. A more economical option is accommodating a more petite veranda into your budget. A raised patio with an intricate design will be more expensive than a slab porch without additional features.

    4. Permit

    Consult with local authorities regarding the necessity of a building permit before beginning the construction of your veranda. Additionally, investigate building codes. Codes may mandate the installation of handrails, contingent upon the porch’s elevation relative to the earth. Ensure that you have accounted for all specifications in your budget. A typical permit costs approximately $190.

    5. Porch Add-Ons

    Do you desire a ceiling fan for summertime cooling? One might expect the added convenience of electrical receptacles while enjoying a preferred beverage outdoors. Including these elements—such as walls, windows, or screens—will result in a cost increase. Depending on the nature of the feature, additional laborers may be required. You will need an electrician to install electrical receptacles, for instance. 

    Installation of electrical components costs $400. A ceiling fan is approximately $300 in price. A year-round heating system will require $545 to maintain. 

    Substitute a roof with an awning and install a ramp to make a veranda wheelchair accessible. Awnings typically cost between $300 and $950, with canvas fabrics more affordable than metal. The cost range for manual and retractable awnings is from $505 to $10,740. Wheelchair ramps cost between $1,215 and $3,365 on average and are required to comply with ADA standards.

    6. Screening 

    The addition of screens allows for the circulation of fresh outdoor air while preventing the entry of insects and mosquitoes. You can save money by constructing a screened-in veranda or, in many cases, adding screens later. 

    The cost of a brand-new screened veranda ranges from $6,480 to $26,490. On average, the cost of material and labor to install additional screens ranges from $8.40 to $12.45 per square foot.

    Related Services 

    Often, when you embark on a particular home enhancement endeavor, you discover that you will also require additional projects, either before or after its completion. Possible needs or desires for landscaping services are listed below.

    1. Lighting

    The cost of lighting installation is contingent upon various elements, such as the quantity and dimensions of the lights, their complexity of structure, and the like. Illuminate your front yard with the added beauty of in-ground lighting. Typically, their price ranges from $85 to $250. The price range for a lamppost is $400 to $1,000.  

    2. Flower Bed Installation

    Including lovely plants and flowers along the perimeter of your veranda will increase your appreciation for this outdoor living area. The magnitude of the flower bed significantly influences the associated expenses. A typical householder invests $2,500 to purchase a 5-by-12-foot flower bed.

    3. Shrub And Bush Removal

    Clear space in your yard to accommodate a veranda may be necessary. A new patio and shrubs are feasible, although you might need to rearrange your vegetation. Shrub and bush removal typically cost homeowners between $260 and $640. The soil type, shrub size, and plant kind will influence the cost. However, this is not a cause for concern; you can relocate shrubs to a different section of your yard to avoid purchasing additional ones.

    4. Shrub And Bush Trimming

    Now that you have additional space to recline or converse with guests, you will prefer that the view not be obscured by overgrown bushes and shrubs. For trimming, anticipate spending between $6 and $12 per shrub on average. Hourly rates for contractors range from $50 to $75 on average.

    5. Fence Installation

    Installing a new fence is an excellent method to keep stray animals off your porch. It is also a method to define your outdoor space decoratively. The minimum cost of a new wall is $500. The average cost to install a fence at the national level is between $2,000 and $4,500.

    6. Porch Repair

    After researching the price of porch construction, you might conclude that repairing your existing porch is preferable. You may have chosen to improve an existing veranda while also constructing a new one in a different location. 

    Whether you require porch repair immediately or in the future, estimating short-term and long-term costs is always a good idea after the porch contractors have built your new porch and it has experienced years of wear and tear. The average price of porch repair for householders is $2,365, with the exact cost contingent upon the severity of the damage.

    Porch additions are among the most expensive types of home improvement projects. However, it can increase the worth of your existence and home. It provides a space for children to escape the house without leaving it. You can simultaneously monitor them and afford them some privacy.

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